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THE 2023

Six Winning Cheese & Mac Dishes Selected to Compete for the $3,000 Grand Prize

More information about the winning dishes and the announcement of the Grand Prize Winner will be available on August 31, 2023.

Autumn Cheese & Mac Swirls

The dish consists of a melty, cheesy roll of lasagna pasta, butternut squash sautéed in bacon and sage oil, a savory mac and cheese, and crunchy garlic crumbs with bubbling golden brown Real California cheeses throughout every bite. Fried sage and bacon add to the flavor and create a comforting nostalgia that ties everything together.

Lauren Katz
The Difference Baker
Ashburn, VA

Birria Cheese & Mac

This cheese and mac dish combines a version of birria with the silky cheesiness of mac & cheese, resulting in a rich, tender and flavorful combination. Real California Oaxaca and Cotija Cheese join Monterey Jack for an extra cheesy experience, and lime zest to accentuate the tender spiciness of the birria while cutting the fattiness, so diners can keep eating more and more.

Zoe Adelstein
The Undiscovered Taste, LLC.
Providence, RI

Elote Corn-a-Roni

Recipe Description: With south-of-the-border flare, the cheese and mac dish includes fire-roasted Mexican street corn, crispy bacon, and Real California Hispanic-style cheeses over creamy shells. Further garnished with fresh chopped cilantro, shaved green onions, and a hint of fresh lime yielding a full fiesta of flavors.

Mary Grace Moss
Island View Casino
Gulfport, Miss.

Buffalo Chicken
Cheese & Mac

A cheese and mac for all the barbecue lover! Grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, scallions, with Real California cheeses - sharp cheddar and Monterey Jack. Topped with breadcrumbs and ranch providing a savory, textured flavor profile.

Eyoiel Adeda
Homeroom Restaurant
Oakland, CA

Freak A Leek
Shells & Cheese

Potato leek soup is the base for this creamy cheese and mac. Featuring classic Real California cheeses and large shells this is sure to please with its crispy panko and Monterey Jack crust!

Blair Campbell
Hillsboro Pub
Hillsboro, WV

Jerk Soul Egg Roll

The jerk soul roll is everything one could ever want in a Caribbean soul food fusion plate, all wrapped up in a crispy sheet of heaven. Consisting of jerk chicken breast, candied sweet potatoes, collard greens, and cheesy mac and cheese.

Elizabeth Williams
PhatHeadz Foodie
Newark, NJ
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